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"Religions are just cults with lots more members." - Unknown


Last Updated 4-15-2002

This page has been nailed times.

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4-15-2002 - Creation! Yes! After all this time of saying I'm going to build myself a site and trying to I have done it!
I finally got off my tail and did it and here it is! I know it's not much to look at at the moment but hopefully it should
look better as it grows and I learn more about making these things. Been having a hell of a time just finding a site
creation program that I can understand much less use. This site will be under very heavy construction most likely
always just as most sites are. At the moment some links may be working and some not on here. If you find one
that's not, just let me know. Gotta learn to make and maintain one of these sometime, no time like the present. Still
lotsa work going on so just bear with me and all the links should he working soon.


For the latest stuff though, go to my links and check out my live journal. :}



blueaa2 So, out bouncing around the web and it dropped you here in my little lair of strangeness! Welcome aboard for weird little look my home here for this storm dragon and stuff that I like and do. Little frightening that you'd want to know anything about me but if you're looking for it here it is. After much saying I will and losing my mind trying to figure out website design programs I've finally gone and done it and put up this site of my own. Feel free to look around my little online lair. I don't bite, unless you ask nicely. :} Ah well, I could sit here and ramble on like a mindless bint for hours but there's much more to see here so on with the tour!

Dragon Code: DC2.Dw Gm L10f6t W T Pfltvw Sks,wl Cbl-|bl---,bwh,ebl,vgy-- Bzz A Fr- Nm M|1 H++ $ Fo+ R+++ Ac++ J++ S+++ U I-# V+ Q+ Tc+

Furry Code: FDDmw3admw A C++ Dm+ H++ M++++ P++ R+ T+++ W Z+ Sm+ RLCT/M/MC/RB/TH a cln++ d++ e+ f h* i+ j+ p- sm


Where ya wanna go?

bluearw2 About me! - Anything about the real me and some of my views.

bluearw2 Rants and Raves - Stuff I just love, hate, love to hate, movie & music reviews and such.

bluearw2 Galleries - About my characters, art and stuff.

bluearw2 Library - My writings, poems, fictions and the like from my warped mind..

bluearw2 Picture Gallery - Monitor-crackers from conventions and events.

bluearw2 Studio - Music and other audio tortures.

bluearw2 Closet - Me and my fursuit. Soon to be suits.

bluearw2 Links - Links, lynx, leeks? My friends pages and all sorts of fun stuff.

cemail8 Contact Me - Raves? Rants? Just wanna talk? Problems with the site?

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