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"Hang on, I want to try something I saw in a cartoon." - What you don't want to hear in a taxi.


So you really want to see my own art do you? Man, are you the masochist. Well, since you came this far here it is! I know there's not much right now but there may be more in the future if I feel a new piece is good enough to post here. Please bear with me as even though my scanner is a few years old, I'm still getting the hang of Photoshop and scanning in general so the images can be huge or otherwise badly scanned. If you want to give me any feedback, please do. I'm always looking for ways to improve my stuff and I know I've got a honking long way to go yet. Enjoy!

All art here is (c) copyright Xylen Stormhunter (me!)
Do not use or repost without permission.

ac99xygt - This piece is so far the only one of my stuff that I feel is worthy to post here. This was my con badge at my first ever furry con, Anthrocon 99.

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