Rituals of the Temple


Ritual of Induction

A priestess-to-be shall approach any priestess or paladin of the Temple and may request to join at any time. Such requests and requestors are to be brought to the High Priestess to be interviewed for membership. If approved by the high priestess, this ritual will then be enacted.
The priestess-to-be will be brought into the main temple by the high priestess and any other priestesses or paladins that wish to or are wished to be present. There before the altar and high priestess the initiate is to kneel. the other parties should also kneel about the altar if priestesses with the crystals there within their bodies or at the side of the initiate if a paladin. There the high priestess will ask her a series of questions. Once the desire to join is comfirmed, the initiate will then be asked to remove all her clothing as a sign of her devotion to Cytheria. After doing so the initiate will be led to the altar where she will be instructed to take her place upon the altar on her back. She will then be bound to the altar spread-eagle. The high priestess will approach the throne and return with a meditation crystal. This crystal will become the initiate's own if accepted by the goddess. The high priestess will then insert the crystal as deeply as possible into the initiate's sex and then call upon the goddess to confirm her acceptance of the initiate and bestow upon her the blessings of the sisterhood.