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Full Name: Xylen Caladan Stormhunter

Species: Cobalt Blue Storm Dragon (was once and still is at times a Star dragon)

Sex: Male (male-herm)

Age: 3.1 Eons (roughly 3,175,897 years)

Height: 10 feet tall (varies with form)

Weight: about 2500 pounds (varies with form)

Coloration: fully scaleless, white front and underside, cobalt blue hide fading into indigo tigerstripes on back with a charcoal gray mane with steaks of white

Eyes: ice blue

Occupation: Owner and operator of the Scalie Spa when not at his main job of supervising and controlling the western hemisphere's weather.

Mate: Adragan Flaymstryke

Hobbies: Loving his mate, having fun with friends, running his spa, stormchasing, playing his synthitar, writing, building, and having fun in general.

Background: Born well over 3 million years ago to his parents as a Star dragon in the Eternal Realm, a dimension apart from this one, he spent his first millenia growing up much as most kids do. His parents taught him many things over time and at the age of ascension, entered the academy to become a Celestial Guardian as his kind exsist to be, the governors and protectors of this universe. Over time he grew quite proficient in their ways of hidden intervention, protecting the weak, upholding the laws of the universe, and most so at the ultimate form of hand to hand combat, Warpfighting. Eventually becoming a warpfighting instructor at the academy after becoming a Guardian, one of the top three of his race, the only one outranking him being the grand master.
Finally receiving his assignment, he was put in charge over one of the largest sectors of the universe, having several thousand worlds to watch over and protect. Arriving in his sector he took stock of the worlds available to him there and chose this one to settle down on, to make his home in this realm. Over time he became a well-known Guardian among his kind as well as to most races whom he watched over and guided. Known to many races under a myriad of faces and names, Raiden and Shiva to some, he steered the course of their evolutions, guiding them secretly towards the same pinnacle that his own race had arrived at and in time perhaps they would too rise to the thrones of the universe and govern with his own kind.
In time he had mates, but none held his intrests for long or to his sadness abandoned him. However at long last, one day he met a wonderful Drakken and the two of them over time fell deeply in love with one another. Enough so that he has since all but forsaken his Star form in favor of his current form to be with his mate forever. He currently lives with his mate on this world and loves him more than anything and would do anything including give up his full powers and immortality for the love of his life.

Mucks Found On: FurryMUCK, Tapestries, Faibanx, Alfandria, ScalesMuck, Raccoon Muck, and Nowhere Muck.


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