Hey! Stuff from other artists! A big thanks to every single artist here for all the great commissions and gifts! 

New Stuff:

"Special Forces"
by Max-Dragon
"Indy Zed"
by David Hopkins
"Happy Icon"
by vexinglyyours
"Hot Chocolate"
by Sheela
"Tiki Badge"
by Rotarr
"Mood Badges"
by LizardBeth
"Hawaii Badge"
by Cayleth
"Aloha Hawaii!"
by BlueRaptor
"Macro Magzin?"
by mirotic
"I can explain that"
by BlondeVelvet
by SonnyLady
Going anywhere? by SonnyLady"Soffix and Zed"
by Dragga
"Tissel kidnapping Zed" by Dragga"Stammtisch"
by Yamavu

Also, check out these songs for me, done by JarisWolf :

"The bandit song""When thieves become heroes"
A theme Song for me and all rogues around the world!The intro for my unfinished story. A golden dragoness sends Zed on a journey.

Pics by Big Bad Bear:

 Zed in his human form Zed in his
raptor form

Pics by Markie:

Foot-massage Zed with(in) Kali Zed, Markie & Dino
From a game
Zed, the thief Varia's tongue    

Varia (.gif-file)

Markie did a nice job with my lizardgirl. She's certainly very sexy in this animation.

Pics by Miy:

Zed's Lair Thief in Town EF-Badge 2006 1st Place 1st Place:
Coloured by me
Pokemon Zed Zed icon: Zed & UncleKage:
At the auction
"Rub my lamb"GO!

Pics by Pav:

Thief Zed Thief Zed (pencil) Modern Zed (Computersketch) Zed with a dragoness Austrian Raptor Mafia:
Zed & Serpy

Pics by Sij:

Zed & Rhiana:
Audition for  her movie
The Caught-image in

Pics by SuziDragonLady:

Indiana Zed Zed jumping Zed posing Zed Hatchling Don't forget to smile! Feral Zed     

Pics by Timanth:

Chained "The Drummer" Zed & Diablo            

Pics by Sherbniz:

Zed vs. Nightlord Zed rennt            

Pics by Akeyla:

Shira on Zeds hand Baby Raptor Scared Zed Badge Arabian Nights         

Pics by Ultraviolet:

Zed on the beach EF
Monochrome Badge  Sexy ( sketch )
(coloured by Soffix)

Pics by Cerberus:

Zed & Coneja animated Zed icon            

Pics by Jay:

Tabletennis Badge Zed explains            

Pics by Rotarr:

The raptor-thief Casual Zed Zeds darkest secret Non-Anthro Zed         

Pics by Lizkay:

Zed poses Wanna pass that bridge?            

1-Euro-Badges by Gideon:

07+08 2009

Pics by Oliver Fox:

Pirate Zed "Back to back"
Zed and Nightlord

Pics by Diablo:

Zed meets Diablos Family "Trample Cage"  Collab with Ahastar             

Pics by Vader-San

CutpurseZed pin-up

Pics by BHO:

Pickpocketing BadgeTracking

Pics by Gekko:

Gekko & Zed
"Give it back!"
Gekko & Zed 2

Pics by Raik:

Zed&Raik 1a
Plateuboot Stomp
Zed&Raik 1b
Plateuboot Lick
Zed&Raik 2
Zed&Una 1
Tucked away
Zed&Una 2
Morning Micro Mayham: Part 7

Pics by Rose Raptor:

Coin IconGem IconNecklace IconMerry Christmas, Mendox!Merry Christmas, Zed!Dagger Juggling

Pics by Mendox:

Zed posing

Pics by Lizardbeth:

Coin ThrowOoooh! Shiny!!!!

Pics by Timote Karosine:

Fun with Sieben 1:
Fun with Sieben 2:
Fun with Sieben 3:
Fun with Sieben 4:

Pics by BlondeVelvet:

Growth Comic 1:
What could go wrong?
Growth Comic 2:
Who's tiny now!?
Growth Comic 3:
Wait, that's not right!
Growth Comic 4:
It always has to end like this...
Zed and Mendox:
Dating Accidents
BankrobberyRaptor Jewelery 1 Caught!Raptor Jewelery 2 Toering
Raptor Jewelery 3  NecklaceRaptor Jewelery 4 Nipple-RingRaptor Jewelery 5 Tongue-PiercingTissel eats Zed 1Tissel eats Zed 2

Pics by Spiritraptor:


Pics by Geckonori:

Rump SmushPocket RidePanty Diving

Pics by Rubin

Silvers BootMighty Stomp

Pics by Max Dragon

Fighting Stance

Pics by David Hopkins:

Zed and Jack:
A thief meets the reaper

Pics by GTBait:

The Meals of Justice: Part 1The Meals of Justice: Part 1The Meals of Justice: Part 3

Comic by Sparky:

Sparky did this little vorish comic for me.
The bird is one of his characters, Sora.
She is a cutey! ^_^

The comic is based on an RP which you can find here.


Drawn by others:

Zed Char-Sheet
by  Sumire-Iro
by Alector-Fencer
Desert Bandit
by Macroceli
by Runo
"Picnic" by Rah-Bop
Commision by Morghus
"At the Sea"
by Chaoskobra
Zed Party-Badge
by Yuki
Let's Dance
by Jack Mirror
Badge "Hawai"
Dark Natasha
by Katara
Happy Rappy
by Quadrackss
Zed Button
by Yamavu
Keychain Mini
by Nelena 
EF Badge
Drawn by Azalea
"What's that?" Celine&Zed
by Itchigo Icetalons
Zed, Serpy and Skunkhase
by Skunkhase 
Soreh, Zed and Ninjapuppy
Comic by Bunge
Shira on Zed
Drawn by Dragongirl
"Tender Moment"
Zed & Clara
Drawn by Lessa
Bouncing Macros Sprite Comic
by BlueRaptor 
 Love for gems
Drawn by Dready
by Ashanti
It's hot in here!
by Aaron
Zed's feet
by jameless
Zed & Keden
Sketch by Keden
Zed full
Drawn by Omega
"Stolen Holy Grail"
by Shinigami Girl
Other Icon
by Karakina
"Zedrine Croft & Bunny Assistent"
by Geth
"Thorne educates Zed"
by Fossil
Raven Zed