What's this all about?

I've created this page for a few reasons.

First of all you will find a bit of background-information about the character I play, the raptor Zed. I know, that's probably not really interesting for the majority of the people who visit the page, but anyways... ;P  So let's take a look at the second and main reason.

I will post some of my own art here, as well as pictures and commissions I got from others.

The things you will find here will mainly be reptiles in all colours and sizes. And I especially like them big :)I'm a macrophile, after all!  

Also note that there might be a lot of violence going on, huge creatures aren't always nice to smaller ones. They eat them, they squash them or they do other naughty stuff with them. Just remember that, when you look through my page.

If this doesn't appeal to you I suggest you don't go any further.... If it does, well, then I hope you enjoy my site. =)