Zed, the raptor

Zed hmmms "Well, what can I say about me? As you can see, I'm a handsome green anthro-velociraptor, standing six feet tall when I'm not crouching and I've also some limited shape-shifting abilities. Yup, that's right: I can change into a human and a raven if I want to. I might show you these forms later as well.  I'm also a treasure-hunter and a.... well... thief." He laughs a bit "Yes, you better hide your valuable things as long as you are my guest, because I have to admit, I'm a bit of a klepto too. Don't know why... I just want to have all shiny and precious things I see." He starts to sway his long tail a bit and points at it with a clawfinger "Oh... heh, and by the way: Do you see that tail here? That's actually one of the major parts of my body. It doesn't only show my current feeling. It's also very flexible and pretty strong... I can wrap it around things like another hand. Oh, and  I can tell you one thing, my friend. If you manage to anger me, you don't want to have that tail wrapped around you. It could be a very crushing sensation.

Well, that's just some basic information about me. I'll tell you more later."

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