Well, I'm not a lazy reptile and if I get a pencil into my claws I usually start to draw something (more or less good).
So, this is my little gallery, where you will find sketches and drawings by me.
Or you can take a look at
other nifty stuff I've done.

Newer Stuff:

Pictures of Zed & my other characters:

Lonely Raptor Conrad Zed Lenny Military Zed Zed posing Another Time Zed crazy Character- sheet
  inked / sketch inked / sketch       inked (Animation!)  


Herpy-/ Macro-/ Voreoriented & Gifts:

Lordi Ahastar Fighting Zed Caught Hatching day Kali & Skree Sherbniz Markie & Varia
inked inked inked / sketch inked

inked / sketch

full picture closeup
Skree happy Macro Zed Nyterious Rogue Macro Naga Troubles again Arnavon Pawlove Pawlicking
old version inked
Hungry Leon

Project Solesticking:

Sticking on soles like an old chewing gum is a funny hobby of me. Of course some macros are rather annoyed when that happens but others
seem to enjoy that feeling. The solesticking-training can be rather painful at times, but it's necessary for my job. If I wouldn't train my body like
that every day, I would never be able to survive a serious stomping of an angry dragon.

Playfull herm-dragoness  Feral male T-Rex
Sweet young macro-vixen  Feetloving male earth-dragon

Old Stuff:

Pictures of Zed & my other characters:

First picture Zed hand-drawn Hatchling
Another poseZed with TanFeathers Lenny & Zed Conrad  

Other Stuff:


Female Raptor Mousetrap? Chin up!Lunchbreak Growth 1 Growth 2 Sharky Ottsel


Dinosorceror Tanilys Fizer Ahas Markie Markie 2 Shira & Zed 1 Shira & Zed 2 Shira/Kraken
sketch / inked sketch / inked inked sketch / inked   inked inked inked inked /portrait


Two lizards Feeding Feeding 2  Bugs!At the InnThieves Skree Wakeup Wakeup 2
inked inked inked