The human behind the raptor

Zed nods "Ok, I'll call the human.... Wait here!" He vanishes in a cave entrance and after a while a  human walks in. "Hello there! Zed said you want to know a bit about me? Well yeah, I'm the guy who is responsible for the raptor's existance and a lot of other characters as well."

Basic Information 

I'm in my best years so to say, heterosexual in Real-Life and currently working for an insurance. I was born in 1981 in the heart of Europe, the capital of Austria, Vienna, and that's where I'm still living. I love to play computer-games, table-tennis, tennis and badminton and I'm pretty good in skiing (It's an unwritten rule that every Austrian should have tried skiing at least once). Musically I stick to old-school-metal, for example Maiden and Metallica but bands like System of a Down are good too.

Reptiles & Dinosaurs

I don't know when I first found out that I love reptiles... Lizards were always my favourite animals and I think I must have been 6 when I shocked my parents the first time after asking them if I could have a pet-lizard. Well, in the end I never got one.

The first time I stumbled over Dinosaurs was, when the first "Land before Time"-Movie came out. As a child I totally loved this movie. I even got a tape of it and watched it over and over again. My curiousity for dinosaurs grew as well, so I got myself illustrated books to learn more about them, why they became extinct, etc. Velociraptors weren't really popular back then and it wasn't until 1993 when I found out about them, thanks to a movie: "Jurassic Park". Heh, I really loved these smart beasts in this flick and somehow they sticked in my mind since then, it didn't matter to me that they were much smaller in reality and probably would have acted totally different. Since that day "Raptor" was my common nickname in many computer-games and armies of raptor-figures filled my shelves.

Why Raptors?

So, why raptors? First of all I love their look. Slender reptiles, long tails and this wicked sickle-shaped toeclaws. A raptor is definitely one dinosaur you can't mix up with other ones thanks to its unique look. Even though they were the "bad guys" in Jurassic Park I liked how they were portayed there: as intelligent and successful hunters. Besides that... you can say about the story-line of the following JP-movies what you want, but the raptors just got smarter and smarter in each part. =) Recently I was able to read the book "Raptor Red" and I can just say.... "Wow!" If you don't like raptors yet, get this book. The author is a paleontologist and though a lot of this book is based on suggestions "Raptor Red" is able to take away a part of the "villain"-attitude people tend to give raptors and shows them in another light: As one of the smartest hunters in their time. It's needless to say that this book had a lot of influence on the way how I play Zed.


I also started to like dragons, after I played a game named "Stonekeep" in 1995, where one of your quests is to free a quite large and beautiful golden dragoness. My love for these mystical creatures was topped the following year when I saw the film "Dragon Heart".

Furries, Macros & Vore

It took me a while to get the internet running on a suitable PC and so I had my debut on the web in 1999... And then again 2 more years had to pass before I heard the first time about Furries and Scalies. I was actually searching for pictures of dragons, when I found a macro-related dragon-picture on Ken Samples page. I can say that I was VERY interested in these kind of things and after a few more searches I found other places like Lavadome and Rogue's web-site. I mention his page because until then I was completely sure that I was heterosexual. Strangely after reading some of his stories I found out that in the case of macros and furries I actually don't mind the gender, what also opened my mind for a lot of Macro-pics and -stories. Vore was the next thing I started to like and so in October 2001 I created a raptor-character for myself and joined Mr. Yums vore-chatroom.

SM & Domination

I know... from the look of some of my logs I may look like a masochist...Well, I can assure you that this is just something I like to play. In RL I'm afraid of any kinds of syringes and I absolutely hate pain, so SM and humiliation are just  two other dark fantasies of me and I enjoy them just as much as cute and harmless scenes. The biggest turn-on for me though, is the Domination-part. A helpless creature dominated by another one and being totally at it's mercy, always depending on the mood of the dominant creature if it ends nice or violent for the victim. Domination works excellent in the macro- and vorearea and that's probably why I like these two things so much. As the submissive creatures I usually prefer male reptiles and humans because it's easier for me to imagine myself as the victim then.


Well, I've started to draw in 2001. I've to say that I've never done an art-school or anything... although I've drawn reptiles in some of my school-books during extremely boring subjects, heh. But don't expect any masterpieces here, I'm still an amateur. Anyways, I'm doing my best and as long as I have fun with drawing I will go on.


Ok, I guess, I've bored you enough by now. I'll call Zed again, so you can continue your tour through the lair. See you around!