This is the very little web homepage of Blue, Blue (anthro)Raptor, the iconeer.
The blue anthropormorphic ratpa thing that does hang around at Lava Dome V.
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Well there is little here but the MAP of FAIBANX MUCK, which happens to be the MUCK for all open-minded and mature people liking scalies or furries or macros or paws or that just like LD5 that I tend to hang out in, because I happen to do little else but the map:

For those two of you interested in the history of its creation, there is even a collection of older versions of it.

And perhaps a little crappy BIO of Blue:

After a little gift ART doodle I for Tyrnn, for his 500th Boomer Express comic (, Dino created a folder in the LD5 art gallery for me so I also put up a few pixelworks of mine there and the Faibanx town square comics later.
You may also find me on furaffinity as Blue anthroraptor at

If you want LINKS, go to . The page has enough links to the places I like. O: )
Visit our forum, go to our galleries, look at our member pages, read our mailing list or meet me on Faibanx MUCK.

Yes, that was all, what did you expect, I aint no great Arr-teest! : )
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