A little history line of older versions of the Faibanx MUCK map

Since I was asked recently if I still had older versions of the map, I was brought back to the idea of uploading a selection of old maps, including the ones with little goodies like the fully snowed version for christmas 2004, but also just maps from all over the time, so whoever is interested in it can see the progress of the map coming along, as well as Faibanx MUCK growing.

Yours mapping, Blue

current version

The newest up-to-date version of the map
Just in case you got googled here, or want to get back to the map, or simply to make it complete.
But now for the old stuff :

Forum discussion
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The OLD map
from the old days

The old original map of Faibanx MUCK
Done in the very early days of Faibanx, it reminds me of a flowchart. The MUCK was small back then and the map lacks all fanciness of any kind, but is very functional and useful, allowing the clicking of locations for further info and showing dbrefs. It was needless to say an inspiration for the new map and all features were included.

Version 0.2
May 2nd 2004

The first version of the new map to go online ever.
Eleven days after I hit the MUCK this went online. Initially just for the Dinosorceror and me to check how it works online, it lacks most of the features yet. Since the layers didnt work right by then, three little buttons just show from left to right the mere map picture, the picture with icons, and the fogged picture with grid and names.

Download as zip (609k)

Version 0.22
May 9th 2004

Functional image layers and a basical interface layout
A few more days of work, and the toggling of the layers works now. Much has been added to the picture, and to save filesize the noisings on the forests and grass have been reduced. To make it look more realistic a faint noising of everything else has been added though and the interface is beginning to look like the one you know.

Download as zip (430k)

Version 0.30
May 17th 2004

Expansion, information button and zoom fuction
The map has been expanded, holding one more row of squares in the south to fit the little valley south of the Lava Dome IV (by then) complex. Also large bits of street have been added, existing things have been refined as will continously happen, and the map now features the Info button and the zoom function.

Download as zip (513k)

Version 0.32
May 27th 2004

First version of the Location List added
After long work I finally got the version of the unconventionally implememnted database up, and the location list showing all entries in it without icons yet. Clicking on them doesnt bring up any info yet, that is still to come, but it already scrolls the map to it. Also fixed an annoying rescrolling by some tricky browser-independent coding.

Download as zip (526k)

Version 0.50
Jul 4th 2004

Location info by clicking on the map
Clicking on a map square now brings up the info page of it, with all its locations clickable too. Although clicking on something in the global location list doesnt have the same effect yet and many descriptions still have to be typed, the map surpasses all features of the old one now. Also the locations have all that cute little icons now.

Download as zip (561k)

Version 1.01
Oct 21st 2004

All features implemented that were planned at that time
Thus version 1.0. I dont recall exactly but I guess I had to fine-tune it a bit until I was contented with it all, thus the slighly enhanced version number. The map also made it past 200 locations by then.

Download as zip (1.09M)

Version 1.11
Dec 24th 2004

Christmas Special 2004: Snow all over Faibanx
Snow all over Faibanx on christmas eve. I refined it a bit or added new homes or something, that's probably why I saved it again on the second day of christmas.

Download as zip (1.23M)

Version 1.12
Jan 18th 2005

Faibanx anniversary: Five years of Faibanx MUCK
For the five years of Faibanx MUCK I thought it would be fun to put some national-holiday style decorations on the buildings. It didnt come out too great though, and I must say I was rather sloppy with it too. Again, there must have been something that made me change tiny bits a few days after.

Download as zip (1.23M)

Version 1.30
Aug 13th 2005

Map expanded, main pictures png files, links to homepages and bios
To make them smaller and speed up download, the three big map images are png files now instead of gif. The expansion in the east and lots of new additions more than made up for that gained kbs though. Also started working on things I had merely sketched, like Ahastar's Pandemonium Island, and adding links at players' homes.

Download as zip (1.30M)

Version 1.40
Oct 14th 2005

Cyrtal Mountain added, more places, more links, more details
Lots of image updates were made to many places, as well as new places and more links at players' homes added. The most eyecatching likely is the forest and moaintains in the northwest around the newly added Cyrtal Mountain, but also Pandemonium island is coming along slowly.

Download as zip (1.34M)

Version 1.43
Jan 7th 2006

Christmas 2005, Silvervein Mountains redone
Things once again were a bit fuzzy around the holidays with changes of mapped things going on, so it came to be January already, but the christmas specials are still on. Also expanded the Silvervein Mountains, and worked on lots of tiny places on the picture.

Download as zip (1.38M)

Version 1.44
Aug 11th 2006

Turntail River added
After long plannings Turntail River has been created and added to the map, flowing from the mountains in the north to the sea in the east. Also many image updates and new places, as usual.

Download as zip (1.40M)

Version 1.50
Dec 24th 2006

Christmas 2006, little images of characters at their homes
Christmas, again without snow, but with christmas tree at the town sqaure of course. Also, I started adding little piccies of the citizens to their homes, and as well updated the links to homepages, galleries, bios and such there, thus greatly increasing their count. And finished Pandenomium Island! The map furthermore made it to 300 locations.

Download as zip (1.72M)

Version 1.52
Dec 20th 2007

Christmas 2007, lots of improvements on the map images
Wow, look at that, this time I was ever early with finishing the christmas version. Not that it has anything special on it but the christmas tree, but there have been plenty of changes over the year, like to the area behind the Dimension's Club and downtown once again.

Download as zip (1.80M)

more to come with time passing and Faibanx continuing to grow

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