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What's new:
- Link buttons at players' homes.
- Map grew past 350 locations!
- New homes and places added.
(check stats page for new homes)
- Plenty of map image updates.

What was new::
- Bits of Giant's Realm pixelled.
- Map Archive of older versions.
- Character pics added to homes.
- Map features links to characters' homepages or bio now.
- Settling information.

Yet to come:
- Something to further speed up the loading of the pics, hopefully.
- Some missing descriptions.
- Nice pics for what is only sketched.

Known (browser) problems:
- Works fine with new IE and Mozilla.
- IE may produce an ugly flicker upon frame reloads.
- Old Netscape browsers expect 'alt' texts as in Netscape 1.0 standard, but some newer browsers (Netscape based ones) accept only 'title' instead, so 'title' was used, meaning no alts are availble on that old ones. So all descriptions when hovering the cursor are lost there.
- Buttons and java script may not work on older browsers.
- Centering of the map when clicking a location in a list depends on screen resolution, something around 1024*768 should work best.