Finished Artwork

This gallery will primarily serve for work that is off-topic for VCL and DeviantArt, but pretty much my whim is the deciding factor on where stuff goes. Artwork is arranged from newest to oldest, and will open in this same window; hold your cursor over the thumbnails for more information on a particular piece. Newest artwork has a thicker border than the rest, and artwork from the previous update has a slightly larger border than the rest. Fanart, for this purpose, will be art that features published characters that I don't have permission to draw, not art of friends that are used with permission. 

Many of these images are of a sexual nature, so if such things offend you or you are not of legal age to view them, then scram.

Finished Work

Ogre and Familiar
An image of two characters who, for some reason, refuse to tell me their names. The big guy is a feathered ogre sorcerer, and the girl is his familiar. Very familiar (*drum riff*).
Augroth & Sasuga
Here's my demon Augroth sharing an intimate moment with human-form Sasuga.
Millennium Slash
An image I did for my good friend Hazard of his character.
The Lovers
Here's a commission I did for a friend, of two of our Legend of Zelda-based characters. Lys, my character, is a kokiri that left the forest and grew to adulthood, and her character Kane is a sheikah that's lived a life of poverty. And even though they're in different worlds, they do have one thing in common ...
Do Not Fuck with Me!
My friend Doc as a bull. Don't fuck with him.
Dredd, a creation of Doc, and holy hot damn he is fine.
Marduke, a cyborg from a story I'm working on.

        Finished Fanart

The Devil's Hopyard
This sexy gentleman is Wilbur Whately, the star of H.P.Lovecraft's story "The Dunwich Horror". He's the son of a human woman and a Great Old One, and I wanted to show his appealing side.
Wilbur in Purple
Here are the original colors on Wilbur, that had to be changed to fit the background of the above pic, but I liked them enough that I wanted to show them on their own.
Blue Daytona Thpider
Heh heh ...

   School Projects

neverendingsmall.jpg (1015 bytes)
Book Cover Redesign (Neverending Story)
A seadragon ... like a seahorse, but cooler.
Colored Pencil Project (Seadragon)
Value Study (Fester)
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