This gallery will primarily serve for work that is off-topic for VCL and DeviantArt, but pretty much my whim is the deciding factor on where stuff goes. Artwork is arranged from newest to oldest, and will open in this same window; hold your cursor over the thumbnails for more information on a particular piece. Newest artwork has a thicker border than the rest, and artwork from the previous update has a slightly larger border than the rest. Fanart, for this purpose, will be art that features published characters that I don't have permission to draw, not art of friends that are used with permission. 

Many of these images are of a sexual nature, so if such things offend you or you are not of legal age to view them, then scram.


Feathered Ogre Feathered Ogre
A character I came up with, based on an old Italian legend I read that said ogres have feathers instead of hair. I don't know this guy's name yet, i just know that he is a strong sorcerer.
The Ogre's Assistant The Ogre's Assistant
More of that feathered ogre wizard, this time with his dedicated assistant. i don't know what her name is, either, but I do know that she's willingly agreed to let him put those glyphs on her skin that allow him to work transformation spells on her.
Salvea Salvea
Another character of mine, Salvea, a cow with psychic powers and very large hooters.
Darknut Blacksmith Darknut Blacksmith
A Darknut, from Legend of Zelda.
Salvy's got a gun Salvy's Got a Gun
Another sketch of my cowgirl Salvea in secret agent gun-totin' mode.
Beautiful Creature
I'm not sure what this cute daddy is, but he sure is nice, huh?
Sasuga, with a slight redesign, different hair.
Stone Lion
A handsome stone lion with a big, big weapon.
Doc's Parlor
A pic of me and my friend Doc of Dragstar 1. My poor scales!
What is Your Wish?
A cute little subby roo boy has found a very sexy djinni in a magic lamp.
Plushie Lovin'
A plushie lion having his way with a lynx girl.
A hunky karkadann (persian unicorn).
Feathered Ogre
A handsome ogre from a story I'm working on. He is feathered, like ogres in Italian folklore.
Feathered Ogre 2
More of the ogre, this time in his armor.
A scaaaaary sexy sea demon. Inspired by the allusions to the sea in Ring.

Fanart Sketches

sultryganonsketchsmall.jpg (1176 bytes) Sultry Ganondorf
Mmm, goddamn, Ganondorf is sexy. I wanna see this crawling up my bed at night ...
Zelda had a little trouble turning back from Sheik.
A Hot Meal
Me having the best meal ever, courtesy of Sir Loin of Fighting Foodons.
Desert Love
Ganondorf is having his way with Sheik!

Gallery of Finished Art

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