Other good stuff! Take a look at these links!

Partner Pages and close friends

The page of my raptor-brother Ahastar.

Even more sadistic, giant scalies will await you there!

He's not just a great artist, but also one of my closest friends and my greatest inspiration for drawing. 

Mostly Scaly/Macro-based, you will find tons of great stuff on Dino's page by many, many artists. Dino is also the nice guy who gave me webspace and made this page possible.
Big red T-Rex with a heart of gold and mighty, mighty T-Rex-feet. He's a great artist and his site is just wonderful. Don't miss out his animations and games, folks!
Shira's braindumpThis cute little dragoness is a close friend and a great storywriter as well. Hir macro-/microstories are very enjoyable to read.

 Furry/Scaly Links

Kaa Starhunter is definitely one of the greatest scaly artists on the net. I've always been a fan of his work.

A great archive of stomp-pictures, -comics, -movies and -stories. If you are searching for any reptilian feet from a movie you have seen, check out Massi's site. You'll find them there in 99,9 % of the cases.
One of the sexiest giant lizards in the history of the net. Hell, if I wouldn't be such a small raptor, I would have already asked this reptile to marry me. Watch this gecko stomping, rampaging and feasting during a stroll in a city or look through the many stories on the page.
Fossils Page! Sexy female dinosaurs await you there. As the submissive little fellow, that I am, I definitely have to point out Thorne, a sexy red raptoress!


Heh, Salamander has a lot of good stuff on his site! Mostly reptiles, with a lot of sex and vore going on as well.
Hako Dorriker's page Another fellow scaly! You'll find some art and some stories on his homepage and it's still growing.
Ultraviolets Homepage: UV is one of my favourite artists out there on the web..

Vore Links

A message-board where the vore-community shares pictures, stories and thoughts.
Like the title says: All about Vore! Vore-movies, vore-pictures and vore-stories. Some of the greatest artists from the Vore-community share their stuff there. Gryphraptor runs this page but it hasn't been updated in ages. 
Ekas PortalWhere most of the vore around the net takes place: There's a chatroom, a forum and a gallery. Something for everyones ... taste. Ahem... ^^

Macro Links
Eccentricities A feet- and macro-oriented page with a very friendly touch. It has a big forum and a chatroom. All of the folks over there are very friendly. Brumby is the owner of this page.
A great site, a lot of the high society from the macro-community hangs around there and posts pictures. 
A macro-wolf who loves to eat and step on people and cause some general destruction in cities. Besides that he is a great story-writer as well! His page was one of the first macro-related ones I found.
The page of Rexar, the giant red anthrosaur. He has a very comic-like style and does wonderful stomping pictures showing scaly feet and little micros.

Other Stuff

Bruno the Bandit A fellow thief! And most of the time just as luckless as I am. A very funny webcomic by Ian Mc Donald.
Happy Tree Friends Cute little animals getting killed in the most brutal ways you can imagine. Disgusting, cruel, sick... but for some strange reason I just love this! >=)
Jack Well, would you have ever thought that? The grim-reaper is a bunny! When I first saw this web-comic, I immediately got addicted. It's about heaven, hell, death and life in a furry universe. (by David Hopkins)
Goblins See what Goblins really think about all these wannabe-heroes. Funny but maybe a bit violent comic. (by T. Hunt)


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