The finest in the taste of the Furry Vore!

These pages are for those who like to eat or be eaten by other furries. This can be consensual, or non-consensual, sensual or violent, plus lots of other variations. Also displayed will be furs/scalies/whatevers that have been eating well, or have very big bellies, whether from vore activities or just over-eating. I will attempt to make this a fun site to visit, and hopefully will keep this place up and running for a long time.

Since some of the materials within this site are of adult nature, if you're under 18 , please do not enter this site. By entering into this site, you give consent that you will not sue, or take any legal actions against the site maintainer (me), the host server, or anyone connected to this site. I hate to put this up, but I'd rather be safe then sorry...

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