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Bullet Legalities, and other information about posting here.

With this page, I will try to explain how to submit files, what I do, as the web master to make the files possible, and what you as an author, and/or artist can ask me to do to any of your property posted here. 

I. - What I do 

My job as web master is to make the code that makes the Voretex possible. I also alter files in some-way so that browsers can display the files. There is no way around that, but I can do this, without altering the file in such a way that 
destroys the file. 

For stories, or any written material. 

Each written file, will be  inserted into a HTML file, that gives the written material a left and right margin. This also adds a jump back to the top, my code copyright, my e-mail address in a mailto, and a copyright signifying your copyrights. I also (If there is one provided) turn the title, author's name and date of writing into an title. Your E-mail address will be added or not, depending on your preferences. 

For art work.

For art work, the only alteration i might do, is reduce the picture size and to create a thumbnail version of the pic. 

II. Submission 

All written material must be in something more universal than M$ word. Contrary to Bill Gates teachings, not everyone is using it. :) ASCII (normal 'plaintext') or WordPerfect 4.2 (Dos) to WordPerfect 6.0 (Dos) is just fine. Pictures - How about just GIF, JPG, or PNG? If the text is already HTMLed, that's just fine. If you want to send me an archive, better stick with the standard PKZip. Tar, Stuffit, or other types of archivers will not be accepted. (The Stuffit or what ever the Mac uses and TAR may be accepted if I can get a decompressor for Win95. Help?) 

What is not accepted Except for above, the only other thing that will not be accepted is files with pedophilic, or underage characters. I'll have to draw the line somewhere so here it is: In stories, if a character is underage by description, admission of age, or some age is given for them is below 18 and is involved in an act that describes sexual actions, or arousal, I cannot add it to the pages. Pictures will be judged in the same. Sorry for this, but there is a witchhunt mentality out there, and I will NOT have the law after me, even if the first amendment allows me to post this. 

III. Your rights 

As the author, and/or artist of any submissions, I give you this. Most, (read 90%) of pictures are impossible for me to ID, unless it's signed by you, in fonts I can read. The same goes with stories, and written material. If there is a way for me to contact you, either because I have your current e-mail address, your on a MU** I am on, or can get in touch with you in some other way, I will make an effort. However if I cannot get ahold of you, I will post your works here. (Provided it doesn't violate the rules listed above.) The unwritten rule of the internet is: If it goes electronic, SOMEONE will copy, and display it somewhere. 

Now if you see your works here, you have four rights. 
  a) You can tell me to yank it, and never repost it again, anywhere 
  b) You can offer me a file that is more to what you wanted to be posted 
  c) Send me permission to post anything else of yours I get ahold of 
  d) Send me more of your works. What ever you decide, I will follow your desires to the letter. No need to get mean, send your pet lawyer, or throw a fit. I ask that you deal with me directly, and not throw fits with friends. If you want to alert me now, please write to me. 

IV Your Rights under the copyright laws 

(The following is from the original maintainer of VoreTex, Shadow-Walker) 
Due to the petty problems that arose from some stories, I asked K'has (of FurryMUCK) about what the copyright law says about unsigned works, who cannot be idenified. (Such as stories, and written material.) I wrote on Furry: 

       You quick-mail "K'has, got a copyright question for you. If a story is posted on the internet, with no author, no mail 
       address, nothing to link it to them, what's the copyright say? Is it in the public domain?" to K'has 

       She wrote: 

       From: K'has Today at 8:17:22AM 
       to : Shadow-Walker 
       Size: 7 
       Subj: Re: Quick-mail 

       Technically it's still owned by whoever made it, but... if it's released that way originally it's public domain. No ownership can be proved. So, yes, someone can take it for their own and use it as they liked. They should do a thorough check of archives, though (some stories may be so old that information is long gone). Reposting amounts to reprinting, and if the original owner doesn't object or try to control it, then yes, it is public domain. 

Bullet Please E-Mail me if you have any problems/suggestions with this site or what has been placed here. As well as anything you wish to have posted to this site..