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Hello, and thank you for choosing Voretex for your dining needs. We have a large menu of choices to browse through, so hopefully we can satisfy any customer that comes in for a meal. While we deal mainly with the theme of Vore, various other themes are also displayed here, such as Micro/Macro play, Fat and Weight gain, Unbirthing, Insertions, as well as quite a few other themes scattered through the various galleries.
We have the following galleries for you to browse through:
Log files from various chat rooms and Mucks.
Various scenes from a wide selection of movies for you to watch.
A very large selection of artwork from artists willing to share their artwork.
A small selection of recipies for you to try out at home.
Large collection of stories from a wide selection of talented writers.

We hope you'll enjoy your time here and if you need anything, please let the waiter know.