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Rules for posting Vore scene logs (Plays) 
By Melanos DarkHorse 

Document originally posted in the 

Food Chain's Screening room: February 21, 1997

Document updated for the web: 30 May 1998 

Around the 17 Feb 1997, I came up with the idea, of posting edited logs of vore scenes to the bulletin board, in a type of 'movie' that was originally thought up, by my mate Kalidah. The idea was well received by all there at the time. Ashentaine however brought up the idea of copyright problems, hence the following rules for posting Vore Scene Logs in the screening room. 

Note: The rules come directly from my talk with the wizards about this, and will be revised if needed. 

1.     If a log is to be posted, it can have only people that fit in the scene, or was participating. For example, during your scenes, someone was watching, and gave various reactions. They are allowed. They added to the scene. However, if a couple are talking, and not even reacting to the scene, then they are to be cut out. 
2.    You must have permission by all the participants, to be able to post this, and that permission must be logged, and kept. 
3.    Logged permissions do not have to be posted as well with the scene. Just so long as you got the permission by all participants, your ok. It's fine if you post the permissions with the log, but it's not a requirement. 
4.    Some people would like to remain anonymous in the logs. So if they say, 'I wish for my name to be changed and/or looked at descriptions be deleted then you must do that. That request must be posted. However, you can say, something like 'Mr. X in the log wished their name to be changed." 
5.    Finally if any logs involve tinysex (TS), or TS based SM , a disclaimer must be added in the listing. This is a simple courtesy for all involved. 
6.   One thing to remember. These logs can be copied and posted elsewhere, without anyone being able to stop the copier. So keep that in mind, when you give permission. 


Finally got a script built to help with Story and Log formats. So if you wish to submit a story or log, goto this link here. Just fill in the fields and hit the submit button and your story will be formated to match up with the others on this site. You'll see the formated version after you hit the submit button. A copy of the story is stored on the website itself, so you don't need to do anything else. Thanks goto Freaky for creating the script used and for help setting it up here on voretex.
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Furry, human swallowing, sexual M/M
MasterVore Theatre 2
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MasterVore Theatre 3
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Chatroom Logfile
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Chatroom log file
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submitted by Terence. F/F, unbirthing
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Vore content, vampiric, blood
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A log from the YumChat chat room, sexual content, vore between various species
YumChat Log 2
A log from the YumChat chat room, vore scene between Mika and Magus
YumChat Log 3
A log from the YumChat chat room, vore scene between Alyksandur and MistDragon
YumChat Log 4
A log from the YumChat chat room, vore scene between Onyx and Sarah
YumChat Log 5
A log from the YumChat chat room, scene between Hialfi, Shadow Knight and Fe'ath
YumChat Log 6
A log from the YumChat chat room, scene between Kurula and Zed