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Thank you for choosing the Stories section of our restaurant, here you will find stories covering a wide range of subjects, chief of which is Vore.
All stories are copyrighted by their respective authors.  Recently added stories are marked in red.

Finally got a script built to help with Story and Log formats. So if you wish to submit a story or log, goto this link here. Just fill in the fields and hit the submit button and your story will be formated to match up with the others on this site. You'll see the formated version after you hit the submit button. A copy of the story is stored on the website itself, so you don't need to do anything else. Thanks goto Freaky for creating the script used and for help setting it up here on voretex.

Author's Name
Title of Story
Link to Story
Anima Burgeoning Desires furry, inflation, swallowing, unbirthing, yiffing, f/m
Burgeoning Desires 2 furry, inflation, swallowing, unbirthing, yiffing, f/f/m
Eve's UB Tale Furry, unbirthing, sex, F/various
Life Sucks Furry, vacumn, suction, sexual, swallowing, H/?
No Greater Gift furry, swallowing, m/f
Possession is 9/10 of the Law F/?, F/M, Furry/Animal, Furry/Furry, unbirthing, vore, digestion/absorption
She Seems to Want Seconds furry, swallowing, f/m
Vixen 1 furry, human, unbirthing, yiffing, f/m
Vixen 2 furry, unbirthing, yiffing, f/m
Vixen 3 furry, swallowing, unbirthing, yiffing, H/m
Vixen 4 furry, swallowing, unbirthing, cock swallowing, yiffing, H/various
Banzai Grimmy's Trip F/m Human/anthro Soft
Bartaugh 3 Pigs
The Jungle Belch M/M, animal/human, non-consentual, digestion
Baz Enter(ing) the Orca Human, animal, swallowing, unbirthing, sex, F/M
BrendomS The Dragon's Welcome
Blyzzerd City of Fate Furry, human, swallowing, ?/F
Callsfire The Sorcerer's Apprentice Furry, swallowing, non-consensual, M/M
Catman Vore, My Love PT 1: A Date with Vixen20
Vore, My Love PT 2: Charles Meets the Family
Corona Da Roo Alex Meets Draconia: PT 1
Alex Meets Draconia: PT 2
Alex Meets Draconia: PT 3
  Final Judgement (Alex meets Draconia: PT 4)  
Starfire Chronicles
Dancing Queen Annette's Appetite Humans, F/F, NC, Digestion
Feeding Aunt Magie Humans, F/F/F/M/M, swallowing
Together Forever Humans, F/M, NC, Digestion
Vore 101: First Lesson Humans, F/F, swallowing, NC
Dogfire Jack and the Beanstalk Animal, human, swallowing, F/M
Dude Guy Untitled Generic Vore Story
FatBear Grand Paws Animal, human, swallowing, M/M
Grand Paws: Episode One: The First Time Animal, human, swallowing, M/M
The Bear and the Alligator Animal, swallowing, sexual, M/M
FatBear & Greywolfe The Country Bear Furry, human, swallowing, M/M
Gimlet A Wendy Snack F/F, Fairy/Human, microvore, nonconsensual, soft vore
Adventures in Lunching Human swallowing, F/F/F
Andrea's Passage Fairy, human, swallowing, UB, F/F
Career Move Human, furry, various vore situations
Getting Really Into TombRaider Human, swallowing F/M, M/F
Legend's Truth Human, furry, regurgitation, M/F
Stock Taking Human swallowing, F/F
Glee Ever Wonder What Plushies Eat? Human, plushie dragon, sex, M/F
GreyWolfe An Invitation to the Table Human, furry, swallowing, non-consensual, M/M
God's Dog Non-consensual, non-furry, swallowing M/M
Last Night on Earth Human swallowing, M/M
Lostwolfe Furry, human swallowing, M/M
Reborn: The Forest Human, furry, swallowing, M/M
Still Life Human, swallowing, digestion, sex, M/M
The Cure Human swallowing, M/M
The Last Dance Human swallowing, M/M
GryphRaptor A Strange Meeting Furry, unbirthing, sex, transformation, H/F, H/M, H/F/F
A Weekend at the Beach Furry swallowing, M/M
Magic Mishaps Furry, swallowing, non-consentual. F/M/M
Some Good Hiding Spots Furry, swallowing, weight gain, F/M/F Pics: 1 2
Some Good Hiding Spots (Illustrated by Mamabliss) Furry, swallowing, weight gain, F/M/F
Some Good Hiding Spots: chapter 2 Furry unbirthing H/F Pics: 1,2,3,4,5
Some Good Hiding Spots: 2 (Illustrated by Mamabliss) Furry unbirthing H/F
WereFun Furry, Human swallowing, sexual, M/M
Zoids: Chaotic Century - New Revelations Fan-fic, Human, zoid, merging, sexual, M/F
GryphRaptor & Jess Katt Holiday Trip Furry, swallowing, unbirthing, sexual, Various/Various
GryphRaptor & Anima Holiday Trip: Part 2 Furry, swallowing, unbirthing, sexual, Various/Various
Holiday Trip (edited by Krahnis) Furry, swallowing, unbirthing, sexual, Various/Various
Hypnosnake If Wishes Were Hisses Animal, swallowing, transformation, M/F
Jewel Soul Mates Furry, human swallowing, F/F
Deamon's Pact Furry, human swallowing, M/F
Karloon Justice is Sweet Human, furry, swallowing, blood, weight gain, F/M/M/M
Kiowa Kiowa's Story Furry, swallowing, M/M/F
Kodisoa A Dragonrider's Ride Dragon, human, swallowing, M/M
An Island No More Alien, human, swallowing, absorption, ?/F
Littleblue First Taste of Fur Animal swallowing, F/?
Llyander & Anima Turnabout is Fair Play Furry, Vore/Absorption, N/C
Miateshcha Bruxa: Part 1 Story contains furry, swallowing, F/M
Bruxa: Part 2 Content includes furry swallowing, hard vore, NC, and insertion
Meer The Calm Before the Storm
Nason Xian Lionheart Draconic Bliss
Nikolas K. Vulper The Dinner Party Furry, swallowing, macro, non-consensual, weight gain, M/M/M/F
Norch Rovian A Different Orca Animal, Human, sex, swallowing, digestion, NC, M/M
The Red Kangaroo Animal, Human, sex, swallowing, digestion, NC, M/M
Omega The Huntress
OgreD What Friends are For: Pt 1
What Friends are For: Pt 2
What Friends are For: Pt 3
Rayaris The Lion of Kantza
Seven Little Goats all Together
Race Camptown Race(s)
Customer Feedback Furry, swallowing, NC, M/M
Don't Tell Mom. The Babysitter Ate Everyone Furry, swallowing, NC, M/various
Family Affair
First Taste of Revenge
Hostile Takeover Furry swallowing NC
Roo The Day
When the Tables Turn
Radijs Future Womb Humans, unbirthing, F/M
Rancid Death By Chocolate Furry, swallowing, F/M M/?, various/F
RandomDragon Cute, Shy and Edible Furry, swallowing, F/M
The Food Chain: Part 1
The Food Chain: Part 2
The Food Chain: Part 3
The Food Chain: Part 4
The Food Chain: Part 5
The Food Chain: Part 6
The Food Chain: Part 7
The Food Chain: Part 8
Red Rover The Killer Whale Human & orca, sex and vore, F/M
Rogue Rogue's Stories Rather then list all of Rogue's stories, here's a link to his stories page 
SD Marquis Some Good Hiding Spots: Alternate Chapter 2 Furry, human, swallowing, various/various
Shade Monster Meal Furry, elf, swallowing, sex, M/F
Smokey Blue Dragon A Child's Appetite
A Safe Hiding Spot
Homes for Bunnies
Princess Who
Twisted Laboratory
So Yummy The Archaeologist Furry, human, swallowing, M/F
Starblade The Calling
Strega A Night at the Fur and Feather
AP News Animal, human, M/F
AP News 2 Furry, human M/F
AP News 3 Furry, M/various
A Soft Spot for Dragons Furry, swallowing, F/M
A Walk in the park Furry, human, animal, swallowing, M/M
Baloo's Revenge Furry, animal, swallowing, digestion, M/M
Beware of Skunk (revised) Furry, human, swallowing, yiffing, m/m/f
Bloodripper's First Furry, human, swallowing, yiffing, m/m
Brief Encounter Furry, human, swallowing, sexual, M/F
City Life
Customer Service Furry, human, swallowing, M/F
Dealing with the Newbies
Eater Animal, human, swallowing, M/various
Fair Play Furry, swallowing M/?
Goldie Furry, human, swallowing, NC, sexual, M/M/F/F
Ilya and Matthew Furry, swallowing, M/F
In the Meadow
Inside Job
It Alien, human, swallowing, ?/various
Just a bit Fishy
Life as a Flytrap Furry, swallowing, sexual M/F
Links in the Chain Furry, human, swallowing, sexual, M/F
Links in the Chain: Extended Version Furry, human, swallowing, sexual, M/F, F/M
Night Shift Furry, human, swallowing, sexual, NC, M/M, F/M
Night Shift same as above but some scat content added
Once in a Lifetime
One long day on the Road
Opportunity Furry, human swallowing, sexual, M/F Pics 1, 2, 3, 4,
Quickpaw and Liese furry, swallowing, yiffing, m/f
Reversal of Circumstances Furry, swallowing, digestion, sexual M/F
Shural Furry, swallowing, TF, sexual, NC, F/M
Some are just Hungry Furry, swallowing, sexual F/M
State Vs T.Tiger
Territory Furry, human swallowing, M?/M
The Brown Bear and the White Bear Animal, swallowing, sexual, F/M
The Example Furry, human, sexual, swallowing, M/F
The Hard Way
The Kissing Booth Furry, f/m
The Maker's Races: The Gul
The Maker's Races: The Praka
The Morning After Furry, Swallowing, digestion, sexual, scat, F/various
The Priest, The Barbarian, and The Lion
The Raid: Part 1 Furry, human, swallowing, NC, sexual M/F
The Raid: Part 2 Furry, swallowing, NC, M/M/M
The Reluctant Storyteller
The Safe Way In
The School of TaeKwonVore Furry, swallowing, m/various, f/f
The Three Hyenas Animal, swallowing, sexual, F/M, M/F
The White Bear and the Walrus
Tolerance and Consequences
Tyrus Furry, human, swallowing, yiffing f/m
Unforseen Consequences
Wrestling Match
Sly Cooper Furry Arm of the Law
Katt Scratch Fever
Terastas Click Furry, swallowing, M/F
History of the Macrofur Armada
The Truth About Good & Evil furry, swallowing, m/m
Terry the Terror non-vore, continuation of the story above
Tervicz A Dragon Story
TigerClaw Phoenix Cycles PT 1
Phoenix Cycles PT 2
Phoenix Cycles PT 3
Reeka and Renamon Vore, swallowing, digestion, F/F
Rebirth PT 1
Rebirth PT 2
Rebirth PT 3
Wolfgang Wolfe Bowser Binge: Prologue
Bowser Binge: Mario Brothers
High Treason
Lion King Part One: Scar's Uprising
Lion King Part Two: Return of Simba
The Jungle Preds