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Happy Halloween Everyone :)

Put together a partial update for today. Will hopefully get more done this weekend, but untill then, enjoy the new pics and such.Oh, and I added another colum to the movie page, showing the title if known of where the clips came from. Please, if you know the title of what one of the clips is from, let me know so i can post it so others can find the original source if they wish. Thanks :) As always, if there are any problems, please let me know and i'll try and get them fixed as soon as possible.

Galleries (New): EmperionSapien, FallynAngel, Vincent
Galleries (Updated): Angyl, Fatbear, Jidane, Kalosoan, Salamander, ShadowStalker, Sharkman222, ShyGuy9, Strega, TalonSaurn, Various
LogFiles: None
Movies: None
Stories: None

Just a small update today. Basically got a script done for those of you that wish to submit stories and log files. It will automatically format your story and store a copy for me which will then be added later to the website.Also, I won't have internet access for awhile, and won't be updating untill late next month more then likely. Just wanted to get this done before then.

Well, stories and log files are finally up, as well as a few new artist galleries and a couple more updates to other galleries. Though i don't seem to have as many of stories or logs as i thought i did...Granted there's a bunch of Strega's stories i have yet to put up, which will hopefully be something i finish by the next update. Anyway, hope you all enjoy, and if there are any problems, broken links, files in the wrong spot, etc, please let me know and i'll try and get it fixed as soon as i can.

Galleries (New): Chocolate, Kalosoan, KungFuJitsu, LordEvil, Sharkman222, TomTheDragon
Galleries (Updated): Angyl, Cownugget, Jidane, Omega, ShyGuy9, Strega, Zear
LogFiles: CoronaDaRoo and GryphRaptor, RavenWing eats Noir
Movies: None
Stories: The Dragon's Welcome by BrendomS, Holiday Trip (Revised) edited by Krahnis, Katt Scratch Fever by Sly Cooper, Furry Arm of the Law by Sly Cooper, Draconic Bliss by Nason Xian Lionheart, The Calling by Starblade, Starfire Chronicles by Corona, Grimmy's Trip by Banzai


Finally updated once again. I apologize for the long wait, between burnout in school, and a heavy work schedual i just couldn't find the energy to update the website. Anyway, all that beside, now that i'm done with school, i can once more try and keep Voretex updated on a somewhat regular basis.

Galleries (New): RavenAoki, TwistedDragon
Galleries (Updated): CanisMajor, ChaosDragon, Fatbear, Fixate, Humbug, Jidane, MysteriousMrGlenn, Omega, Salamander, Strega, Stripy, Syleria, TalonSaurn, UnknownWolf, VariousSources, Zear
LogFiles: None
Movies: Foxal (Cat.avi, Fox.avi, ramune.avi, ryu.avi, Teen_titans.avi)
Stories: None


Minor update today, fixed various galleries, and added a new artist gallery that somehow slipped through the cracks. Stories will be put up this weekend hopefully.

Galleries (New): Saito
Galleries (Updated): ChaosDragon, Cownugget, Fatbear,Jidane, RedFox, Strega, and Various Sources
LogFiles: None
Movies: None
Stories: None


Happy New Year everyone :) hope you all have a great year this year. Anyway, got the first update of the New Year done. I'm sure everyone's been waiting eagerly for it. Did a slight modification to the gallery page, hopefully the different indexes work correctly. There's now a index sorted by date and one by name. I'll be adding some new stories and such hopefully next weekend. As always if there's a problem, please let me know as soon as possible, and i'll try and get it fixed as quickly as i can. So for now, enjoy the update

Galleries (New): ChaosDragon, Humbug, MarcLeonhardt, and Rilliar
Galleries (Updated): EvaAra, Fatbear, Jace, Jakuhaienzeru, Jidane, MrZ, MysteriousMrGlenn, RedFox, ShyGuy9, Strega, Stripy, and Various Sources
LogFiles: None
Movies: None
Stories: None


Another month goes by and I finally update again :) A couple new artists, few new movies and a new link for you all to enjoy, as well as updates by some of the artists already hosted on this site. I hope you all enjoy :)

Galleries (New): EvaAra, Stripy
Galleries (Updated): Edge the Wolf, FatBear, Jakuhaienzeru, MCVoreman, Mysterious Mr Glenn, Salamander, ShadowStalker, ShyGuy9, Strega, Various Sources, Zed
LogFiles: None
Movies: Dekadens (teen1.wmv, teen2.wmv), WolfgangWolfe (larry.mpeg )
Stories: None


Another update in the bag (belly?) finally :) more new artists and lots of updates to existing artists' galleries. Also a new movie added in. As always if you notice any problems, or something that you submitted that I forgot to add, please let me know and I'll try to get it fixed as soon as I can.

Galleries (New): Jakuhaienzeru, MCVoreman, RedFox, ShyGuy9, and UnknownWolf
Galleries (Updated): Angyl, Banzai, CanisMajor, FatBear, Fixate, Jace, KennyT, Markie, Omega, Salamander, Strega, Syleria, and Various Sources
LogFiles: None
Movies: StitchVORETEX from KoalaBoy
Stories: None


Got the latest update done, lots of new artist galleries up this time around, and quite a few updated galleries as well.

Galleries (New): Angyl, Banzai, EdgeTheWolf, KennyT, Merick, Phazon
Galleries (Updated): CoronaDaRoo, DarkNatasha, Fatbear, Gimlet, Jace, Jidane, Markie, MysteriousMrGlenn, Rancid, Shadowstalker, Strega, VariousSources
Log Files: Misc and Tamara
Movies: None
Stories: DraggaRyuu (Dino's Struggle: Parts 1-4, Pierre and Me: What a Meal!), Dancing Queen (Feeding Aunt Maggie), Meer (The Calm Before the Storm), GryphRaptor (A Strange Meeting)


Finally updated again, though would've had everything uploaded on Saturday, except for the fact my local network seems to be having problems with letting me online. Cleaned out my inbox so there should be some stuff that's been waiting a while to be posted finally up. I've also added a small section on how to import stories into HTML or HTM file format along with the template i'd like people to start using when they submit their stories for this site. Unfortuantly i only have information on how to use Netscape for this, I can't seem to find the correct sequence for Internet Explorer. Anyway, the following have been updated:

Galleries (New): Conneich, Jidane, Zed
Galleries (Updated): Fatbear, Fixate, Markie, Omega, Rancid, Salamander, Strega, VariousSources
LogFiles: Kaimera & Talyra
Stories: By C (Bunny Girls, Coming of Age, Vignette), By DraggaRyuu (The Story of Dinos), By Rayaris (Seven Little Goats all Together), By Smokey Blue Dragon: (A Child's Appetite, A Safe Hiding Spot, Homes for Bunnies, Princess Who, Twisted Laboratory), By Strega (A Night at the Fur and Feather, In the Meadow, Sienna, The Maker's Races: The Gul, The Maker's Races: The Praka, The Priest The Barbarian and the Lion, The Reluctant Storyteller, Unforseen Consequences, Wrestling Match), By WolfgangWolfe (Bowser Binge: Prologue, Bowser Binge: Mario Brothers, High Treason, Return of Simba: Part 2, Scar's Uprising: Part 1, The Jungle Preds)


Got another update done, School's started again, and between that and working nights, it's hard to get the energy sometimes to work on this site. But anyway, finally got the time to sit down and work on Voretex, and thankfully with it done, i can put off the next update for another month or two ;) course i'd probably have to wait that long anyway due to collecting enough material to make an update worth while ;)

Ok then, the following Galleries have been updated:
Picture Galleries: Added new galleries for CanisMajor and Rayanis, and updated galleries for AtariBoy, Erulian, FatBear, Fixate, Jace, Markie, OllieCanal, Panzer, Strega, and Various Sources
Movies: One new movie submitted by SuperJay, and a whole bunch submitted by Wolfflax
Stories: Added parts 2 and 3 of What are Friends For, by OgreD

I think that's everything (for now anyway) As always, if there are any problems, or if i've forgotten something, please let me know and i'll try and get whatever it is fixed ASAP :)

Quick change, Keanu's gallery changed to Atariboy's gallery.
Thanks to Digit, some of the links have been updated to reflect the pages' new locations
Ok, so i didn't get the update done on the first as stated below, the network i'm on decided to do server maintence and in the process cut me off from getting online for about three days. My connection's been spotty since then, but hopefully they've got everything fixed now. Anyway, updated stuff is listed below. Hope you all enjoy, and please let me know about any problems found within the site. I'd also appreciate it if anyone knows of the new addressess for some of the sites on the links page that have gone down, to please let me know so i can put the correct addresses in the links. Thanks

Happy New Year's Everyone!

Sorry for such a long wait between updates. Things have been really busy for me over the last few months. But anyway, new stuff to start off the new year with :)
Two new galleries have been added: Keanu and Zear
The following Galleries have been updated: ChantaRa, DarkNatasha, Eurlian, Fatbear, Fixate, Jace, Markie, Mistarro, Omega, Panzer, Rancid, Salamander, ShannonDouglas, Strega, and Various Sources.
Rodent has supplied some new movies for people to enjoy.

5 new log files have been added
New stories: A Dragon Story, Begining of the End, Bruxa: Parts 1 & 2, Untitled Generic Vore Story, What Friends are For: Parts 1-3
The Links page has been updated as well


Finally got through another update..this one's pretty large as I've been working on a bit of a redsign of the entire site. I'm pretty sure there's something new in all the various pages. So look around and I hope you enjoy the slightly new look here.
Anyway, Picture galleries that were updated include: Corona, Fatbear, Fixate, MysteriousMrGlenn, Jace, Mamabliss, Markie, MrZ, Omega, Panzer, SakenSkunk, Salamander, Strega and Various Sources.
New movies added thanks to Cougar and Nihonryoori.
New stories by CoronaDaRoo, GryphRaptor, Strega, and Tervicz.
As always, if you've submited something and don't see it, or if you see a problem of some sort on this site, please let me know and i'll try and get it fixed as soon as i can.

Here's another update to the site, sorry there's so much time between updates, but have been very busy with life in general. Anyway, hope you enjoy the update. Galleries that have been updated are: Fatbear, Fraggle, Jace, Omega, Salamander, Strega and Syleria. Also added a new gallery for Mysterious Mr Glenn.
Finally got the update almost finished, took a bit longer then i'd planned, but that's more to due with the fact i'm heading into finals week so don't have much time to work on the update and such...Anyway, added new artists Markie, and updated galleries, for MaxGreenwood, Omega, Panzer, Rancid, Salamander, Strega and Various Sources. Have also added a few new logs and stories. Enjoy. Only stuff left is a pile of stories from Strega which i'll work on putting up very soon...
Got another partial update done, only managed to get the picture galleries done this time around, but i'm hoping that i'll have new stories and log files reformated by next sunday, so stay tuned for another update soon :) Anyway, added new artists CoronaDaRoo, Syleria, and Talonsaurn, and updated galleries for MaxGreenwood, Omega, Panzer, Rancid, Strega and ThomasOtter.
Got most of the update done, so will upload everything now, and finish up the bit of formatting i need to do for a few more new stories and i think new log files (they won't be up yet, but hopefully they will be soon). New stuff in the picture galleries, and in the movies section, and a couple new stories i did manage to get formated. Please note, i'm slowly going to start putting the older stories in a new formatted version that i think will make things look nicer. Anyway, if you encounter any problems please let me know and i'll try to fix them as soon as possible...

Part two of the two part update is done now, got the backlog of stories up finally (stories added are from Catman, Dimensio, Omega, Rayaris, Race, Strega, and TigerClaw), as well as a new log file. Also added new artist The Wolf Daddy, and updated a few more pics to AlexDaragon's and Panzer's galleries. Couple new movies up as well, thanks to Gomaya.

I'm hoping to be able to do a bit of reorginziation here on the site over X-mas break, though if i do manage, the changes probably won't be uploaded untill sometime in Feburary. That's assuming I manage to find the time that is... Anyway, Thanks to all those who have helped me make this site such a large repository of Vore Material :)

One more thing, If you submitted something or asked me to fix something, and didn't see it in this last update, let me know or resubmit whatever it was and i'll try and get it fixed over X-mas break.

Part one of a two part update, only had time to get the picture galleries updated, will work on stories, logs and movies after finals next week. Galleries that have been udpated are, ChantaRa, Cownugget, Fixate, Fraggle, LanceFoxx, Omega, Panzer, Strega and VariousSources. Also added new galleries for AlexDaragon and SakenSkunk. More to come within the next couple weeks hopefully.

One more update done, picture galleries (SpencerDragon, DarkNatasha, Eurlian, Fixate, Fraggle, Gimlet, Panzer, Salamander, Strega, and Various Sources)and movies have been updated (added movies in Rodent's section and added a section for Snake). I've also added links to various Artists featured in the picture gallery section.

Finally got another update done. Added galleries for Lance Fox and Thomas Otter, and updated galleries for Spencer Dragon, Panzer, Salamander, Strega, Omega, and various sources. Also updated Mad Doctor Griff's gallery, and changed the name to Chanta Ra by the artist's request. Have also added a batch of new movies supplied by Nihonryoori, and a couple other movies supplied by Rodent, and Other. A couple new stories and log files were also added. As always updated files are colored red.
Sorry for the delay since the last update. Anyway, added two new artists, Spencer Dragon and Panzer, and updated galleries for Fixate, Jace, MadDoctorGriff, Menagerie, MrZ, Omega, Salamander, Shannon, Strega and Various Sources. I have a few stories and movies to post as well, but those will have to wait for a little longer. Anyway, hope you all enjoy the new artwork. Also, artist's homepage links will be slowly added to the gallery area as I locate websites and such. For all the artists that have galleries on Voretex, please let me know both your e-mail and your webpage address if you want these added.
Well, another update's done and out of the way, this time artist galleries for Fixate, Fraggle, Menagerie, Omega, Salamander, Strega, and Various Sources have been updated. Also, several new stories were added, two by Race, and one by Terastas. Oh, and i've made an addition to the gallery section, if the artist allows, i'll be placing their e-mail address up so you can compliment them on their artwork.
Got space on another server, so there's yet another address to find Voretex at. Thanks to Keiko for giving me space on his server. The new web address is: Also of note, I made a seperate page for the movies, and have placed all the movies I've ever put up on voretex back online :) . Please note, that Orcas and LD5 will have the movies, Transfur most likely won't due to space limitations :( . Will probably slowly break up the main menu page into subpages for the next update, so it's a bit easier to look through the various files. I'm thinking that prehaps I should discontinue the Transfur account, or mabey just use it for a personal page or something...

Hey all, sorry for the long wait, but due to RL being very busy over the last couple months, the site's had to take a back of the problems was my old HD was begining to act up, and i was having general computer problems happening. Anyway, i saves most of the data for the site, but somehow lost a good chunk of the files that were submitted to be added to the pages here. If you notice that i'm missing something that you sent in, please resend it and i'll add them ASAP.

The stuff i did manage to save has been added, new stuff in a few of the picture galleries, as well as some new log files and some stories. Some of the links have also been updated. Movies is temporarily down while i restructure that part of the page, with the LD5 server i can put all the movies up in one spot which i'll be doing.

Anyway, as usuall, if you see anything wrong with the pages, please let me know and i'll try and fix them as quickly as i can...Thanks

Well, the update's going slowly, i keep getting disconnected, but anyway, i hope to have it completed today, as well as have a mirror site up and running. There probably won't be another update untill sometime in January, both due to increasing workload in RL, and to the fact i'll be on bit of a vacation during December and Janurary.

Yeah, i know the date's wrong, but that's when i'd orginally tried to update...unfortuantly Transfur was having server problems. Will try to find another server to host a mirror site on

Finally got the update finished, sorry it took so long. Anyway, updated galleries for Fatbear, Fixate, Mamabliss, Strega, Salamander, Other Artists and Various Sources. Also added in a clip from the Shrek DVD which i think many here will get a kick out of. New stories were also posted as was a couple new log files. Hope you all enjoy the latest update.

Also, i think i may have lost a file or two somehow, if you submitted something and it didn't show up, or asked me to put up a link, or change an e-mail address, please send me an e-mail about it, and i'll try and fix it ASAP. Thanks...

Added new artist MadDoctorGriff, and updated galleries for Fatbear, Fixate, JeremyRyan (now known as Shadowstalker), Mamabliss, MaxGreenwood, Mistarro, Strega, and the Various Sources category. This is only a partial update, as i've got to finish editing a few stories and logs to be posted hopefully by this weekend...As always if there are any problems, please let me know ASAP...

Added new artist Rancid, updated galleries for Fatbear, Fixate, JeremyRyan, MrZ, Salamander and Strega. Also added in new stories, Customer Feedback by Race, Death by Chocolate by Rancid, Eve's UB Tale by Anima, Holiday Trip: Part 2 by Gryphraptor & Anima, It by Strega, and Legend's Truth by Gimlet. The movies have also been switched out, so there's a new batch of previously posted movies for those that missed them the first time they were posted.

Added new artists Mr.Z, and updated galleries for Fatbear, Fixate, Mamabliss, Menagerie, Mistarro, Rangarig, Strega and Various Sources. Also added new stories by Gimlet, Hypnosnake, Random Dragon and Strega.
Put up another batch of older movies in the Old Movies section, took down the first batch. Will update again next weekend i hope with new artwork and stories.
Put up some older movies that I've previously posted. All reposted movies are in the Old Movies section

Added new artists, Mamabliss, Menagerie, Rangarig and Thunder. Added new pictures to artists galleries of Fatbear, Fixate Jeremy Ryan, Shannon Douglas, Strega, and Various Sources. Also added two new stories by strega and one by new writter Blyzzerd. Also put up a illustrated version of my own story, Some Good Hiding Spots, illustrated by Mamabliss. Will be putting up the Food Chain series by Random dragon in the next day or so, as i have to do some formatting to the stories. Also, will start putting up previously posted movies again soon, cycle through them while i get a new batch ready for posting. Added a few new links as well.

Found out how to sort the files by date now, so the newer files should be on the last page of each gallery...


Added galleries for Fraggle and Lyxnan, and added to Fatbear, Fixate, Gimlet, Jace, Strega and Various. Added a couple new movies, and new stories and log files as well. Unfortuantly you'll have to look through some of the galleries to find the new images as my page generator is still having troubles, hopefully this will be fixed by the next update, as i've e-mailed the program's creator for help. Anyway, hope you all enjoy this update.


Added to the following galleries: Aja, CowNugget, Fatbear, Fixate, Salamander, Strega, and Various Sources. Also added two new movies, and took down all but the asterix movies from before. I've also updated my own gallery of pictures i've commsioned from various artists, rearanging my personal page here on voretex slightly. I've also removed the form from the bottom of this page, as i'm not happy with it at all, the service i was using had way too many adds. So it's back to just e-mailing me as before for feedback purposes.

Things are still a bit messed up with my page generators, mixing new pictures among the ones that have already been posted, so you may have to search a bit through the updated galleries to find the new pics, i'm sorry about this and i am working on fixing it.


Added several new artists galleries (Fixate's, FatBear's, BlackTiger's) as well as added some new pics to other galleries (Strega's, Other Artists', and Various Sources). Also added new stories by Strega, FatBear, and Shade, as well as a new movie, though i can't remember who gave it to me unfortunatly...

Quick note, where i've added new pics into existing galleries, things have gotten a bit messed up, so you'll have to look around a bit to find the new pictures...sorry, but i'm not sure how to fix this problem...without doing extensive reworking of files and such...


Happy New Year Everyone.

I've finally placed a Voretex on a second server, so that if one site's down, the other will still be able to be accessed. The new site's at: Voretex on Solfire, while the old site will stay at Voretex on Transfur. I've also added some new stories to voretex this time around, a few by Strega, and also a combined effort by JessKatt from Vor-Com and myself. There are also some new movies up.

Hope everyone enjoys and has a safe New Year :)

Added some new artists, new stories and new log files, as well as put back up some old movies, new movies will be up as i get to them over X-mas break...I've also added a form to these pages so it's easy to send feedback, or submit new material, the form can be gotten to by clicking HERE.
Added a few new stories. Also i've changed the e-mail address where stuff should be sent. Now please send stuff to Thank you. The account will still work, but i'd prefer if the account were used instead as lycos has been messing up attachments lately.
Updated voretex finally...resorted all the pictures into artist galleries as well as added some more movies. You can now see what pictures have been added in each gallery, as i've added a date to the end of each filename. Sorry for the wait. Also, going to be slowly revising more of the site as time permits.
Took down the picture galleries so i can reorganize them somewhat. Hoping to have everything back up in another couple weeks
Another batch of both old and new movies. Will add in a new gallery when i get back from a short vacation, also have some links i need to add in as well...
Added in more movies from Cougar, as well as added some older movies from my archives. Added New section titled Old Movies
Finallly added in a few new movies, thanks to Cougar for submitting them to Voretex :) First batch will be up for roughly 2 weeks, then i'll replace them with the next batch, hopefully i'll also get around to digitizing some of the vore scenes i've gotten on tape during the next two weeks
Added vore gallery 13, and a new log file, hopefully i'll have the movies digitized by next weekend...
Added to vore gallery 12, also added some illustrations to my story Some Good Hiding Spots 2 done by Gimlet. More to come next weekend. Still have to finish Vore gallery 13 as well as get some movies digitized.
Added a bunch of new stories, as well as a link to Jace's homepage
More to come during the week as i continue with the update. Had a few problems with the programs i use to create the various pages, but getting everything worked out now...
Added Vore galleries 11 and 12, WellFed gallery 2, Added some pics to Macro/Micro gallery 2.
Added a new batch of movies, and made a few more cosmetic changes throughout the pages.
Just made a few cosmetic changes to the pages.
Added two more stories by myself
Put up a batch of new movies, more pics were added to gallery 10, and a few new stories were posted as well.
and best wishes to all this holiday season
Added more to gallery 9, added gallery 10, and added a few more stories, also switched the movies to some new ones. Also, made all the new stuff highlighted in red for easier finding of new items through the pages. Except for movies since i replace the old ones with new ones each time.
Redid gallery 8, added gallery 9, added several stories, logs and some new movies
Added more to gallery 8, also finally added some coding tricks thanks to Morphy for sending the details here
Added a few pics to gallery 8, small update this time...
Put up galleries 7 and 8, added a personal pic page, a few other minor changes.
Revamped the gallery pages, added new pics and thumbnails through out, replaced all the movies with new ones, and also added in some new stories and a log file. Sorry for the long wait between updates
Added 3 pics to gallery 14 and added a movie section to the menu
Added galleries 12, 13, 14 to the vore section, added A Tail of Two Otters to the log-file section, and added Magic Mishaps to the story section. I've also decided that anyone that wants, can take the stories that I've written, and sequels to them if they're interested. I think it'll be interesting to see what other writers do with the stories I've written.

Also, i'm sorry the update's taken so long, and i'd like to request that all you artists, writers, and so on, submit works to this site, as is, i'm severely lacking in more content to add to these pages. I do have some more stuff i can add...but will wait until i get a bit more before the next update...whenever that is...

Added gallery 3 to the well-fed pages, added Balloonie Feast to log files.
Added galleries 10 and 11 to Vore, gallery 6 to Macro/Micro, and Jack and the Beanstalk to the stories section
Added galleries 8 and 9 to Vore, and gallery 5 to Macro/Mirco
Added Vore gallery 7, well-fed gallery 2, macro/micro gallery 4, added a story of my own "Some Good Hiding Spots" and a story by Rayce, "The Dinner Engagement", added a link to Sammy Skunk's website.
Added Macro/Micro gallery 3. Added "The Dinner Party" and "Dog's God" to the stories section. Fixed up a few more things around the pages. Added a link to Rogue's main page on the links page, and a link to his stories page on the menu page here. Joined the Vore-Ring and placed the link to it on the links page.
Added Vore-gallery 6, Well-fed gallery 1, and Macro/micro gallery 2. Fixed some errors in the pages and redid the menu page slightly.
Put up the new version of the Voretex website, will try and update somewhat regularly...