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09 Mar 2019
One picture added and new homepage design
  • "Ham Sandwiches" (Popular Characters > Angry Birds)

Continuing my recent trend of, y'know, actually posting stuff, I've just uploaded my fifth brand new submission in the last three months! This one has caused a bit of a stir as it features a certain rarely-drawn and rather angry red bird...!

If you're reading this and you're a regular visitor to my homepage, you may also have noticed that things look a bit different! Since joining Twitter last year (@RipRoarRex, if you missed it), I've started posting fairly regular tweets featuring not only my latest artwork/animations but also flashbacks to my old pictures, teasers for unfinished projects, and a bunch of other random comments and amusing observations. As such, I've now embedded my Twitter timeline into my homepage sidebar (though this may not show properly in some browsers). You'll also notice I've now given my latest uploads a much more prominent position across the middle of the homepage, so you can immediately see when I have posted new work to the site!

It's the first significant alteration I've made to my homepage in a long time, so I hope it freshens it up! Feel free to let me know what you think, and if you're keen to keep track of my work or just want to have a chat, please give me a follow on Twitter!


13 Jan 2019
Three pictures and one animation added
  • "Prairie Shower" (Carlos > Other)
  • "Bug Bites" (Popular Characters > Timon)
  • "First Instinct" (Cassie > Pose)
  • "The Koopaloom" [Animation] (Popular Characters > King Koopa)

Would you believe it. Barely any updates from me in over a year, and now here I am with four uploads in one go!

My aforementioned 'comeback' is going well. Included in this latest update is two brand new pieces of artwork, one old picture I abandoned a long time ago but have now decided to share, and a short animated loop taken from a longer project I never finished. I haven't managed this level of productivity in many, many years - and I have to say, I'm rather enjoying it!


12 Dec 2018
One picture and story added - and new Twitter account!
  • "The Cliff" (Skyra > Crush [Non-Violent], Skyra > Crush [Violent])

After more than a year without completing a single picture... I'm finally back.

To anyone who has been following my website hanging on patiently for updates, I'm very sorry it has been such a long wait. As I mentioned in my last update, I had already been rather drifting away from the furry fandom anyway, but then this was exacerbated by what has been a difficult 2018 for me. Due to a long spell of unemployment and a string of other personal and family issues, I felt very little enthusiasm or motivation for doing artwork and interacting within the fandom. (If you're interested, I have covered my circumstances in more detail in my latest journal entry on FurAffinity.)

However, things are now looking up - I have a new job starting soon, many of the other issues have resolved themselves over the course of the year, and I've finally been able to start getting artwork finished again. Today is the first upload in what will hopefully be at the very least a little flurry of updates to come, so stay tuned - you won't have to wait anywhere near as long this time!!

Also, I am pleased to announce that you can now follow me and my work on Twitter, where I have set up an account as @RipRoarRex. I will largely be using this account to post some of my tamer artwork and link to pieces on my FurAffinity page, but I'm also very happy to chat with other furs on Twitter, so feel free to give me a shout!


02 Nov 2017
One picture added - after a very long wait...!
  • "Rexar Relaxing [2017 Anniversary Edition]" (Rexar > Pawplay)

Well that took far too long...

Hey guys. There was me hoping you might see a bit more of me in 2017. And then I go the vast majority of the year without getting any artwork finished. That's not for lack of trying though. As April 2017 marked ten years since I first joined the furry fandom, I wanted to commemorate the anniversary with a special picture of Rexar - more specifically, a recreation of the very first picture I shared with the fandom a decade ago.

Sadly, as I was striving to make it perhaps the most detailed, realistic piece of artwork I'd ever done, it ended up taking way longer than I wanted it to. And having held off on finishing any other projects until I'd gotten this one out of the way, it probably seemed like I'd just disappeared completely... until now.

As big projects like this have become far too time-consuming and difficult for me to do, I don't think I will ever attempt something of that standard again. Although I'm delighted with the end product, the process of making it has worn me down and I've not enjoyed it.

Indeed, as I have increasingly drifted away from the fandom in the last couple of years, I am beginning to think I may not produce much more artwork at all anymore. That being said, I'm feeling such a sense of relief at finally getting that picture out of the way, there is part of me that now feels inclined to try some easier projects which might just change my mind on the subject.

All I can say, as ever, is watch this space. And thanks for being so ridiculously patient with me!


30 Dec 2016
One picture added & Happy New Year!
  • "Test Of Loyalty" (Popular Characters > King Koopa)

Told you I'd be back again eventually! Having had a bit of time off work over Christmas - and given it had been another five months since my last upload - I thought it would be good to get a new picture done, this time featuring one of my all-time favourite characters, King Koopa. And it comes with a bonus story!

I must admit, 2016 has been a pretty sucky year overall for me, and with only two new pictures, it was also my least productive year ever in my decade in the fandom. That owes much to the manner in which my interest in the fandom has rather waned in that time, but I must admit that I have actually missed being active. With a new year on the horizon and a number of ongoing projects progressing well, I'm hoping I might just be a bit more active in 2017.

On that note, here's wishing you all a Happy New Year - and I hope to see more of you then!


24 Jul 2016
One picture & new tutorial added plus Weasyl profile update
  • "Party Dude Pounce" (Popular Characters > TMNT)

Yes. I'm still around! Apologies to anyone who still visits this site on a regular basis - since scaling down my involvement in the furry fandom last year, I've spent far less time producing art and have been unable to get much completed, though I still have lots of projects in development.

After a record absence of seven months, I have finally finished a new picture featuring Michelangelo of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. In addition, this picture features in a brand new video tutorial on how I apply shading and lighting effects to my pictures - this can be found on the Tutorials section of my website.

On a separate note, I have recently started to make use of my profile on Weasyl, which until recently had laid dormant since I opened it in 2012. I have uploaded a portion of my back catalogue here and will be adding all my new pieces there from now on. I will however continue to upload here, on FurAffinity and on Eccentricities.

I'd love to say this is the start of a fresh new flurry of artwork from me, but it's somewhat unlikely. However, rest assured that I will do my best to keep the pictures coming - no matter how long it takes.


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03 Mar 2019
Ham Sandwiches
Popular Characters > Angry Birds

Angry Birds - Ham Sandwiches
12 Jan 2019
The Koopaloom
Popular Characters > King Koopa

King Koopa - The Koopaloom
22 Dec 2018
Bug Bites
Popular Characters > Timon

Timon - Bug Bites
15 Dec 2018
Prairie Shower
Carlos > Other

Carlos - Prairie Shower
Welcome to the site!
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Hi there! I'm RipRoarRex (or RRRex for short) - welcome to my Realm!

If you have discovered this page and are not exactly sure what you have stumbled upon, this is an adult site covering themes within the furry and scaly fandom, a term referring to a diverse range of people who have some level of interest in anthropomorphic animal characters.

In particular, this site features artwork and other content relating to a variety of somewhat unusual fetishes within a 'furry' context, including (but not limited to):

  • Foot fetish (Podophilia) - attraction towards feet (or animal paws)
  • Crush fetish - attraction towards the fantasy of being crushed/trampled, or observing other objects being crushed
  • Vore (Vorarephilia) - attraction towards the fantasy of being eaten/chewed/swallowed
  • Macro (Macrophilia) - attraction towards giant creatures (or other 'size difference' fantasies, such as being shrunk)
  • Scat/fart (Coprophilia or Eproctophilia) - attraction towards creatures farting, crapping or other themes involving faeces
  • Armpits/musk (Maschalagnia or Olfactophilia) - attraction towards armpits, crotch odour and other similar themes
  • Yiff - sexual interaction between 'furry' characters (not to be confused with bestiality/zoophilia)

While such ideas may seem very strange to most observers, many people experience some level of attraction towards these fantasies, but they may be unaware that their unusual desires are shared by others. For more information on these themes, please visit the About page.

As a furry artist, I have an extensive gallery of artwork and animations created by myself which feature a variety of 'furry' characters from television, film and culture, as well as twelve original characters of my own. Check out the Gallery pages to find out more, or for the latest additions, see the updates panel on the left. You can also find out more about how I produce my pictures and animations by checking out the Tutorials page.

If you are interested in finding other webpages and communities similar to my site, take a look at the Links page. Alternatively, if you want to get in touch with me, feel free to send me a message on one of my community profiles shown on the Contact page, or you can reach me via email at riproarrex@googlemail.com.

I hope you enjoy my site, and thank you for visiting!


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