29 Dec 2015
Snapshots - Reciprocation
Rexar & Mike: Snapshots

Rexar & Mike: Snapshots - Reciprocation

19 Sep 2015
A Taste Of Leadership
Popular Characters > TMNT

TMNT - A Taste Of Leadership

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30 Dec 2015
Two pictures added & Happy Holidays
  • "A Taste Of Leadership" (Popular Characters > TMNT)
  • "Snapshots - Reciprocation" (Rexar > Pose, Mike > Pose)

I always come back eventually! After a three month absence, I've finally gotten round to updating the website again with two pieces, one featuring the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as well as the latest instalment of the Rexar & Mike: Snapshots series.

I've been rather quiet since making my decision to take a step back from the furry fandom earlier in the year. I've also not been doing much furry artwork as a result, though I keep coming back to various projects I've still got on the go, and I have no intentions of giving up completely. So fear not, I'm still around and still drawing when I can.

Here's wishing you all a belated Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year.


11 Sep 2015
Three pictures added & stepping down from Eccentricities
  • "Introduction To Cartooning" (Popular Characters > Bugs Bunny)
  • "Scent Of A Male" (Mike > Other)
  • "Crow Toe Show" (Popular Characters > Jim Crow)

Blimey, has it really been that long since I updated this site? Dear oh dear.

I'm back with three pieces which I've completed over the course of the last few months, including two new additions to my Popular Characters page and a musk picture involving my fursona Mike (plus an alternative 'no musk' version).

My recent neglect of the site is somewhat representative of my involvement in the fandom as a whole this year. It's been a busy time in my job and my shifts have become more intense and unpredictable, while my time and motivation for furry have rather waned. I have since come to the conclusion that I occasionally need to be able to take time away from the fandom altogether.

As a result, I have recently stepped down from my role as Vice Administrator at Eccentricities - A Life Underfoot, where I have been a member of staff for the last eight years. It is also likely that my presence in the fandom may become more sporadic as time goes on. However, I have no plans to leave the fandom or cease producing artwork at this time, and I still intend to keep involved when and where I can.

I've elaborated further on this issue in my FurAffinity journal - click here for more details.


16 Mar 2015
One comic added
  • "Watch Your Step" - 6 pages (Bubba > Crush [Violent])

Another outing for Bubba, though beware - it's violent and gory. So if you don't like, don't look.

This is a six page comic - the longest I've ever completed for the fandom - and is long overdue, having been started way back in... wait for it... summer 2010. I suspect I will not be producing many more projects of this magnitude in future as I don't really have the time or enthusiasm for them, but I was keen to get this one out of the way.

So if it's your kind of thing, enjoy. And if not, I promise there'll be nicer/tamer/more conventionally sexy material to come, hopefully fairly soon.


14 Feb 2015
One picture added
  • "Rural Discipline" (Generic > Bull)

I was surprised by how many people appreciated my zebra scat/fart piece last year. So I thought it was time to produce another picture involving this theme, only this time of the bovine variety. There's a couple of versions depending on how much of the brown stuff you're comfortable with seeing.


19 Jan 2015
One picture added
  • "Webbed Worship" (Bubba > Pawplay)

You thought I'd forgotten about Bubba, didn't you? One of my most neglected characters finally makes his return with my first new picture of my chubby cartoon duck in more than three years. It's very much one for the musky/smelly foot fans, though there are a couple of clean/non-dirty alternative versions for you to choose from if mucky, cheesy feet aren't your thing.

Hoping Bubba will be making plenty more appearances in the near future, folks. Watch this space.


04 Jan 2015
Four pictures added & Happy New Year!
  • "Snapshots - Exploration" (Rexar > Yiff [Homo], Mike > Yiff [Homo])
  • "Gods & Dogs" (Fursonas > Azlo)
  • "Jock Sock Shock" (Rocky > Pawplay, Mike > Pawplay)
  • "To The Victor" (Popular Characters > TMNT)

Having not posted anything for months, here's me bringing in 2015 with a bumper upload - albeit largely made up of old art.

I'm hoping for a more productive new year after what was a frustrating second half to 2014 in which I completed only one piece of artwork. This was partly due to an art block and also a number of family commitments and issues, but it was also because I have spent much of the last few months working on some bigger comic projects that I have still yet to complete. Hopefully they will bear fruit soon.

In the meantime, I've uploaded the latest episode in the Rexar & Mike: Snapshots series (where things are getting a little more heated) as well as three abandoned pictures dating from around 2009-10 which I never got round to finishing. Fingers crossed I will have more new artwork shortly.


06 Sep 2014
One picture added
  • "Snapshots - Couch" (Rexar > Pose, Mike > Pose)

I've been experiencing something of an art block this summer, hence the lack of any uploads for the last few months. Hopefully I'm coming out of it now though, and I have been working on quite a lot of different projects in recent weeks. For now though, here's the next instalment in the Rexar & Mike: Snapshots series.


22 Jun 2014
One picture added
  • "A Matter Of Respect" (Seb > Pawplay)

My job has been piling it on recently and I've had little time to work on anything much of late. However, here's one project I have managed to get finished featuring Seb. There are a lot of other pieces in production right now and I'm just waiting for an opportunity where I feel suitably motivated to complete them, so hopefully the next update won't be quite so long in coming.


13 Apr 2014
Five pictures added & new 'Snapshots' page
  • "Snapshots - Revelations, Pt.I" (Rexar > Pose, Mike > Pose)
  • "Snapshots - Revelations, Pt.II" (Rexar > Pose, Mike > Pose)
  • "Hero Of The Day" (Popular Characters > Scooby-Doo)
  • "Plains Justice" (Generic > Zebra)
  • "By Name, By Nature" (Popular Characters > Kremlings)

A much needed update to the site after more than two months, though that certainly doesn't mean I've been inactive. The latest batch of uploads contains three brand new pictures, while it also features the fifth and sixth instalments in the Rexar & Mike: Snapshots series, both of which were completed and submitted elsewhere in February but not uploaded here until now.

In addition, I have also created a new gallery page exclusively for the Snapshots series so that it will be easier to find all of the instalments together in one place. This can be accessed from either Rexar or Mike's character pages.


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