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Image done by Ken Sample, Links done by Tyrnn

Specializing in Wholesale Urban Renewal since 1998

My own little webcomic. Be sure to stop by and take a look at the 500 plus comics I've put up so far, and Vote for my site if you like it enough. Suggestions are always Welcome!

Updated last on 8-3-12

Man. I last tweaked this site in 2005!? Amazing. If you've come across this old dusty corner of the web, please head over to my FurAffinity account for more updated information and recent events.

How To Contact Tyrnn

There are multiple ways to get a message to me, besides ricocheting a tank shell off my ankle. The most logical is Email, followed closely by #page mail on either FurryMuck or Faibanx. My AIM screenname is 'Zillarules', harkening back to my AOL days (bleh) and my ICQ is the same name, with the number being #63357390 Psst. Hey. You haven't seen Tyrnn at a convention yet? Well, take a look at this guy here and look out for him at Anthrocon! Yeah, I know he looks like a weirdo. Well, who else would try to be a giant rampaging dragon? Or a Kangaroo. A Big Kangaroo.

Well, that's it for now. Back to bed.